Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Okay here what it is for months now napakadalas madisconnect ng internet connection namin. Minsan for many hours pa nawawalan ng internet. Many months na naging problem to at talagang nakakainis na lalo na kapag may mga importanteng gagawin o kaya naman maglalaro ka online.

Sa tuwing tatawag ka naman sa kanila laging sasabihin na iconnect sa isang pc every single time. Nakakabwisit lang dahil wala naman talagang internet. Ayaw lang talaga nila aminin na sa kanilang yung may problem. 

There was a time may nakausap ako na nagwowork dun kasalanan daw to ng sa Sales ng PLDT kasi promote sila ng promote na ganyan maganda mabilis at etc. pero kulang sila sa tao para umaksyon sa problem ng consumer. Magaling lang sila pagpapasok na yung pera sa kanila.

How i wish merong pumasok na foreign investor na magbibigay ng magandang serbisyo at kakalaban sa pldt. Wala kasi silang legit competitor kaya ganyan mabagal na mahal pa.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


This TV Series from NBC is the most classy cannibalism i have ever watch. It's so unique on its on way and yet interesting to watch. The mastermind behind all the killings is dr. hannibal lecter and they didn't know that the fbi called him the reaper. Dr. lecter play with them.

The killings is so brutal and the way dr. lecter cook humans is so classy and you delicious if you look at it but disgusting because it is humans. Part of humans.

One of the most bizarre moments for me in this series is he feed someone his own leg after cutting and cooking it. (picture below)

Every time someone discovers Dr. lecter secret they are destined to die.

I have finished watching the 2 season and i will be waiting for the next season. :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why is my Poop Green?

I have try putting "Why is" on Google and that catches my attention.
Why is my Poop Green? haha

 here is my opinion and my answer to that: Snacku!

What if there is no Google?

One of the question that i have been thinking and searching about is what if there is no Google?

As i grow up and technology grows the Google is there for us, for our studies and for our random questions.
If the Google didn't exist maybe Libraries, Encyclopedia will still be use more than the internet. 
If Google didn't exist maybe some search engine may come into scene and become the Google of what is it today.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jim Ross

The undisputed the best commentator in WWE. Jim Ross!
That eventually got fired just because of the wwe2k14 conference or whatever.

The attitude era and ruthless aggression era will never be the safe without jim ross. The reaction of jim ross while watching matches adds excitement to the match. There was a time when undertaker even requested jim ross to be the commentator for his match.

Jim ross have been a commentator in a boxing event before and he was great. He is a lot better than michael cole and jbl.  Jim ross is a wwe guy ever since he said on some interview i've watch.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What if Barack Obama is White

Maybe Obama will not be the United States President.
Maybe his opponent won the election.
Maybe the approach of his administration would be different from what it is now.
Maybe he would focus more on different issue and stuff.

Around Malolos Cathedral

If you were to tour around malolos, this is the surroundings of the Malolos Cathedral on the right side and the front side of the Church

Since i was a kid this place become a very memorable place, we use to attend church in cathedral church.

And also i use to walk around here before going home and riding jeepney nearby

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July GTA V

I have been playing GTA Online for a while and i really love the latest update. The Independence Day!
With the latest update players can launch fireworks, fountains buy awesome shirts and some awesome wheels!