This years President Aquino State of the Nation is his Last and its the longest one. It took almost 2 hours. He thanks his cabinet members and his ally from the government. He also tell his 'boss' what the Aquino government have done for the past 5 years.

I didn't vote for Aquino last election but for the past 5 years i am impressed with what we did for the people. We clearly see the infrastructure projects of the government all over the place. We see the expansion of the program for the poor people but yes its not enough but atleast we see some progress. 

My favorite thing about this government is that the AFP Modernization Program. This is what we needed most right now. We are being bullied by China and we need to stand up against this communist government.

Mr. President have 1 more year and i expect more plans and action with the AFP, Education and flooding issues.

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